BQ2PR – Boston Marathon Training Program

BQ2PR – Boston Qualifier to Personal Record
Boston Marathon Training Program
You've secured the coveted BQ time and your entry to the 118th Boston Marathon. Now secure the training that will get you to the starting line in Hopkinton with confidence knowing that you will be ready set a new PR when you cross the line in Copley Square.
CVE is proud to offer a new BQ 2 PR group training plan that will provide you with the right tools, training and support needed to make Boston 2014 your best race yet. 
This 16 week program includes: 
Weekly training schedule 
Training Peaks account to log your workouts
Weekly coached track sessions starting in January
Racing Strategy Sessions
VO2 Max Test- Your maximal aerobic capacity (oxygen uptake) is assessed which is a useful indicator of a persons aerobic potential and tool to guide training. These indicators will help to make the group plan specific to each runner.  
*Throughout the program, participants may chose to test their VO2Max to chart improvements. Each additional test will be discounted at 20%. 
2D Running Gait Analysis: Using slow motions video technology, your gait is evaluated to identify any biomechanical issues that may lead to injury or inefficient running. This includes looking at muscular weakness in addition to your shoes. 
Let CVE propel you into unchartered success during what is sure to be one of the most unique and meaningful Boston Marathon's in history.
Training begins The first week of January. 
Cost: $100 per month
Email or with questions.