Triathlon Nutrition Seminar & Customized 1/2 & Iron-distance Nutrition Planning

Triathlon Nutrition Seminar & Customized 1/2 & Iron-distance Nutrition Planning

Sifting through the powders, pills, bars & gels…

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Personal Best Nutrition:

WHEN: Saturday March 9 (3-4:30pm); Sunday March 10 (Scheduled 1-1 Appointments)
Richmond, VA 23221
*Exact location TBD

Saturday Seminar $25
Saturday Seminar AND Sunday 1-1 Appointment ($99)…


Everyday, endurance athletes are bombarded with the newest latest & greatest nutritional supplements. This session will walk you through the specifics and detail the differences are between many of these products, such as:

o Carbohydrate powders
o Electrolyte capsules
o Recovery nutrition
o Bars vs gels…solids vs liquid

as well as anything YOU have a question about.

In addition to Saturday's seminar, Brian will also be available for 1-1 sessions on Sunday to customize your race strategy for the 2013 season (*Sunday alone is a $149 value!!). 

Sunday's 1-1 session will include: 

o Extensive review of race history, including in-depth break-down of nutrition & hydration
o Analysis to determine caloric & electrolyte needs
o Detailed nutritional outline for subsequent workout (Example: You tell Brian what workouts/races you have on a subsequent weekend & he will outline & send to you EXACTLY what you need to eat/drink). 

Mr. Shea is the President & Head Coach at Personal Best Nutrition & is a certified triathlon and running coach, specializing in sports nutrition programs for athletes ranging from beginners to professionals. Some of the athletes he has worked with include:

o Ironman Hawaii, 70.3 & ITU World Champion Leanda Cave
o Ironman NYC/Texas/Canada/Arizona & ITU World Champion Jordan Rapp
o Ironman 70.3 World Champion Terenzo Bozzone
o Ironman 70.3 & Xterra World Champion Julie Dibens
o Ironman Florida Champion James Cunnama
o Ironman Lake Placid Course Record Holder & 5x World Champion Simon Lessing
o 5x Ironman Champion Heather Gollnick as well many others…

Brian also has an extensive background in endurance sports himself & for over 20-years has competed in all levels from 5K to Ultra-marathon to Ironman with finishes including Ironman Hawaii with a 9:31 PR as well as a 2:49 personal best at the NYC Marathon.

Have a question about the weekend? E-mail us at: OR post a comment on this page & we'll get back to you ASAP!